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Hunter stands behind each and every one of its products' PERFORMANCE. From sprays to rotors, valves, to controllers, it has been the mission of the company since its founding in 1981 to build high quality, low cost products that meet the needs of professional irrigation installers and designers. Modern Resources Est. handles the following products in Lebanon:


Gear Drive Rotors
Hunter pioneered the gear drive rotors. The range starts from the small and economical PGM to the top of the line I-40/41.

For mid-range areas at residential and commercial sites the PGM, coverage radius 15' - 30'
For residential and light commercial sites the PGP, coverage radius 22' - 52'
For residential and commercial sites the I-20/21, coverage radius 25' - 51'
For commercial and recreational sites the I-25/31, coverage radius 40' - 73'
For sports fields and large sites the I-40/41, coverage radius 45' - 74' with high and long throw.

Hunter valves offer reliable operation and tolerate tough conditions. They handle demanding situations, even exceptionally high pressures. From the economical SRV to the rugged brass constructed HBV



For economy and versatility, from professionals to homeowners, these controllers offer outstanding water management with superior flexibility.



LEGACY by Hunter
Reducing equipment and installation costs, while maintaining quality and program flexibility is what the Genesis Viking System is all about. A single two-wire cable connects to heay-duty watertight decoders which control the valves. This economical solution can be operated from a stand-alone, pedestal-mounted console, or can be upgraded for integration with a Windows driven Genesis Central computer system.



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