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At Antelco we are aware of the need to use water with care and economy. Wise product choice is a crucial part of careful economic management. Antelco products are a wise long term investment as well as simplifying design and installation in the short term.


Mini Bubbler / Drippers
Shrubblers, Mini Bubblers, and Spectrum. Available with Spike for micro tube installation; also barbed or threaded 4mm base for direct installation on flexible hose/pipe. Adjustable flow 0 - 0.5 GPM.



Micro Sprays, Single Piece
A popular and proven product with effective spray pattern. Winged base with "Quick" thread for rapid and easy installation. Suitable for home and landscape gardens and horticultural applications. Available in four flow rates (0.19 - 0.6 GPM) and three coverage patterns (90, 180, 360).



Spray Jets, Two Piece
A wide variety of different size bases and different pattern caps. Caps and bases are interchangeable between each other. Available as separate components or pre-assembled.



This is a combination of a spray jet fitted onto a variable flow valve for adjusting radius of throw and flow volume. Available in 4 spray patterns: 360 stream spray, 180 and 90 fan spray, also full circle mist spray.



Quality fittings for accurate, secure sprinkler placement. For situations where there is need to raise the height of an irrigation emitter. Designed to hold micro sprinklers firmly in place.



Micro Rigid Risers
Made from UV stabilized plastic. Suitable for low pressure micro irrigation sprinklers and micro sprays. Supplied with factory fitted winged micro coupling with quick thread. Available in three sizes: 20, 30, & 45 cm lengths.



Micro Fittings
Special fittings for use with micro tubing. Made of UV stabilized  materials. Fits sizes 4.0 and 4.5 mm. Tees, elbows, and coupling / joiner.



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